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Trademark Registration Services

Trademark Services

Some things are more difficult to register than others:

  • Marks those are identical to, or very similar to, earlier filed trademarks for similar goods or services.
  • Descriptive terms ("apple" for computers might be acceptable, but "apple" for fruit wouldn't be).
  • Common surnames and geographical place names by themselves
  • Very short combination of letters and numbers (such as "MV" or "G8")
  • Commonly used words or phrases, such as "Best Quality" or "On Sale"

Leges Octavian team can provide trademark services for clients from different fields, including telecommunications, airlines, manufacturing, Information Technology, laboratories, oil and gas, financial institutions, business services, shipping, healthcare, chemical and professional services.

Our Trademark Registration Service includes

  • Preparing of Trademark Application
  • Trademark Search Report
  • Trademark Registration Request
  • Trademark Certificate

Contact us at info@leges-octavian.com to discuss your requirements over any particular project or in relation to a long-term solution.