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Quality Measure

We measure our quality of service through a service level agreement (SLA) to all our customers. This is clearly an extremely important item of documentation and essentially:

  • Defining the customer’s needs
  • Provide a framework of understanding
  • Simplify complex issues and reduces areas of conflict
  • Encourage dialogue in the event of disputes
  • Eliminate unrealistic expectations

Our SLA includes wide range of issues, such as:

  • Services to be delivered
  • Performance, Tracking and Reporting
  • Problem Management
  • Legal Compliance and Resolution of Disputes
  • Customer Duties and Responsibilities
  • Security
  • IPR and Confidential Information
  • Termination

Client Confidentiality Regime

Leges Octavian practices a sophisticated data security policy and measures to ensure that the client’s confidentiality remains uncompromised with transmitting data to a foreign site. We deal directly with these issues and implement innovative internal safeguards into our process management.
Our security and confidentiality policy essentially includes

  • No employee is ever permitted to enter the facility’s premises without proper identification credentials.
  • Monitoring cameras located on floors to track employee movement.
  • Security personnel are deployed in all entry and exit points.
  • Employee movement must be authorized by the acting supervisor or the department concerned with the function at hand.
  • Personal communications or data recording devices, such as mobile phones are not permitted on the production floor.
  • Restriction of shared information: Employees from one team cannot access data from another and any client specific document print-outs are to be destroyed / shredded.
  • Every computer and folder is password protected, and all data is monitored and checked when relayed and when received from clients.
  • We relay data predominantly via broadband and a secured server with all electronic entry points secured and all data movement logged, and our intra net server and the data server should be, by design, not located together.
  • A hardware firewall is implemented to provide stringent security policy for LAN and WAN.