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Privacy Policy

This web site is the property of Leges Octavian LLC, registered in Texas whose registered office is at 15120 Majorca St, Dallas, TX 75248, USA. All references throughout these terms and conditions to "Leges Octavian" refer to Leges Octavian LLC and to its subsidiary and associate companies. This page (together with the documents referred to on it) sets out the terms and conditions for use of this web site.

The Leges Octavian LLC ("Leges Octavian") is not a law firm. None of Leges Octavian's officers or employees are authorized to practice law or provide legal advice to any of Leges Octavian's clients. Accordingly, no attorney-client relationship can be created through the performance of any services by Leges Octavian. Leges Octavian intellectual property support services or legal support services are generally provided to legal professionals and corporate in-house professionals. Any client who requires legal advice should consult an Attorney or Law Firm in the relevant jurisdiction(s).

Leges Octavian is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of our clients, customers, employees and business partners. Leges Octavian adheres to the EU Safe Harbor Principles published by the U.S. Department of Commerce (the “Principles”) with respect to transfer of all personal information from the European Union to the United States of America. For purposes of this statement, “Personal Information” means information that is:

  • Transferred from the EU to the US;
  • Recorded in any form;
  • about, or pertains to, a specific individual or can be linked to that individual.

The following privacy statement explains our general policy and practices on how we safeguard the data collected, processed, provided or transferred directly or indirectly by our clients in any form or manner. This Privacy Policy does not apply to data collected and used by Leges Octavian, pertaining to non-EU individuals. The Leges Octavian Privacy Policy is located on our website.

Data Collection

From Clients: Leges Octavian in connection with rendering of legal support services receives, directly or indirectly, via oral or written communication, Personal Information of its clients or of the customers/clients of its clients residing in the EU countries. All the data received by Leges Octavian is only in its capacity and role as a legal support services provider. We process and analyze such data only for the limited purposes of providing legal support services, in accordance with the instructions of the clients. Leges Octavian believes in protecting such Personal Information with the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality measures as detailed below.

Leges Octavian receives several resumes from potential candidates aspiring for careers at Leges Octavian. Such candidates provide their email/and telephone contact numbers. If a candidate contacts us via our email then the email address of the sender remains with HR department and any such email address or telephone numbers may be collected only to respond to such inquiries.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We do not sell, rent or disclose the data we receive from the sources stated above to any third parties. The employees or authorized personnel of Leges Octavian, who work on those specific matters, are given access only on a need-to-know basis. We do not disclose an individual’s Personal Information to third parties, except as required by law.

Transfer of Data to Other Entities of Leges Octavian

We may, share Personal Information with our subsidiary or our affiliate entity, only in connection with rendering of client services, where such subsidiary or the affiliate entity is involved in the management of the specific matter in question. In such instances, information may be shared or transferred, depending on the client instructions from Leges Octavian to such Leges Octavian subsidiary or affiliated entity, which may involve transfer of data from the United States of America to India.

Security of Data

Leges Octavian has in place appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect Personal Information against accidental loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, access, alteration and destruction.

Leges Octavian employs various physical, electronic and managerial measures, including education and training of its personnel. It has in place procedures to ensure that the employees who have access to Personal Information maintain the confidentiality and security of such data. All of our users' information, not just the sensitive Personal Information mentioned above, is kept strictly confidential in our offices and is stored on our servers in a secure manner. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job are granted access to the information. Strong password protection protocols are used on all computers. Furthermore, all employees are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices. Finally, the servers that are used to store identified or identifiable Personal Information are kept in a secure environment, with appropriate security measures.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Leges Octavian reserves the right to modify or amend this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason. Nothing contained herein creates or is intended to create a contract or agreement between Leges Octavian and any user visiting the website or for providing identifying information of any kind.


Leges Octavian has put in place measures to ensure ongoing compliance with the Principles. We will do our best to investigate and resolve all such matters. We adhere to the Safe Harbor Principles. Leges Octavian will verify adherence to the Principles via self certification, in-house verification and internal policies and procedures implemented by its management. We would encourage individuals to raise any complaints or queries that they have about the way we process their Personal Information by contacting us at the email address info@leges-octavian.com.

Information Subject to Other Policies

Please note that our website http://leges-octavian.com may provide links to the websites of our affiliates, who have their own privacy policies that apply to those websites.

Your concerns

If you have any concerns about material which appears on Leges Octavian's web site please email us at info@leges-octavian.com.

Thank you for visiting our web site.