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Patent Drafting

Patent Drafting and Filing Services

Patent Drafting
Before Drafting an Application, we get into the inventors shoes and get the feel of the invention from the Inventors perspective. “Every Invention is New to an Inventor”, hence we do a thorough prior-art search before drafting the Application. It is important to know the relevant and related prior art to identify the claims limitations to differentiate the invention with the identified relevant and related prior art and carefully draft the application in compliance with the Law. This robust practice has enabled us to reach this pinnacle of claims drafting while providing high-quality, low-cost patent application related services.

Patent Filing
Leges Octavian provides one stop filing for all International Applications, National Phase applications and Convention applications for filing in the countries interested.

Contact us at info@leges-octavian.com to discuss your requirements over any particular project or in relation to a long-term solution.