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Patent Search

Patent Search & Analysis

Leges Octavian’s Legal Process Management Services helps clients utilize patent opinions appropriately mitigating risks of being sued for infringement or an intractable infringement verdict. We also specialize in providing Invalidation search Reports, non-infringement analysis, prior-art Landscape Analysis.
We can also formulate freedom to operate/right-to-use clearance reports. The clearance reports may or may not be combined with validity and enforceability reports.
Leges Octavian’s Patent Search & Analysis services include:

Patentability Search/ Novelty Assessment

Patentability search report enables an Inventor(s)/ Assignee to:

  • Modify the developing/ developed Invention appropriately based on existing prior art.
  • Strategize Invention claims so as to have broader scope and protection for the invention at the time of filing patent application.

Freedom to Operate/ Right to Use Search

For any given technology, an in-depth review for Freedom to Operate / Right to Use Search enables the Clients to identify Live Patents for:

  • Providing cross-licensing opportunities.
  • Avoid potential infringement.
  • Exploring commercialization opportunities.
  • Proactively obtain protection in interested markets.
  • Product Clearance.

Validity/ Invalidity Search

For any given Patent number, a comprehensive patent and literature search to uncover any relevant prior art serves the Clients in critical decision making for:

  • Patent valuations
  • Strategizing licensing agreements
  • Countering any infringement litigation.

Citation Search

Typically, this type of search is executed to keep track on the competitors citing the active Patents and to identify players involved in related technology. Citation search can be used to assess patent value, determine licensing opportunities or evaluate IP strategy of companies.

Product-to-Patent Search & Analysis

Products are typically covered by multiple patents. Product-to-Patent Search & Analysis will help retrieve the patents associated with its technologies. Such intelligence information enables clients to monitor and predict the type of competing products getting into the market.

IP Portfolio

Portfolio search and analysis involves, retrieving data pertaining to entire IP assets of a particular company, its IP business transactions such as Mergers, Acquisitions, Licensing, Litigations etc, Analyzing and highlighting critical data , which enable the clients to proceed with intelligent strategies.

Patent Watch

Patent watch is a search to keep an eye on worldwide patenting activity for related technologies. This enables Clients to monitor competitor’s patenting activity, Identify technical developments, Monitor potential infringers or avoid potential infringement, Identify licensing opportunities.

Other Services:

  • Creation of IP database of particular Technology
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Patent Bibliographic Statistical Analysis
  • Inventor Tracking
  • Response to Office Actions

Contact us at info@leges-octavian.com to discuss your requirements over any particular project or in relation to a long-term solution.