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Legal Research and Analysis

Our professional trained team is proficient in conducting legal research and drafting various documents. Working under the supervision of either in-house or outside counsel, our lawyers attend to a wide array of legal research tasks, ranging from urgent or brief case-law and legislation results to in-depth summaries and reports on legislation, judgments, the regulatory framework, compliance, legal developments and trends.

  1. All attorneys conducting legal research have complete access to the latest on-line research tools
  1. Are able to prepare Legal Memoranda in the traditional IRAC format
  1. Legal research services in different areas including, class actions, toxic waste laws torts, personal injury, product liability, worker’s compensation, securities law, real estate, insurance law and corporate law.

Research Benefits & Patterns
With all legal research and writing assignments, in addition to any completed work product, we provide our clients with a Shepardized list of all cited cases. In order to perform this task, we give our team access to online research tools and direct them to a wide range of free online resources, and if need be, even to paid online resources. We may charge a flat rate or bill our clients separately for the use of any premium legal resources, depending upon the client’s project requirements.

Contact us at info@leges-octavian.com to discuss your requirements over any particular project or in relation to a long-term solution.