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Document Review & Management

Leges Octavian Services undertakes to relieve attorneys from the meticulous document review process by attending in depth document review and summarization through its specialized services, heavily relying on the latest technological tools and of course, its qualified experts. We can code documents for each phase of the litigation process: case assessment, investigation, summons and complaint, discovery, pre-trial pleadings, trial preparation, trial and appeal.

Objective Coding:
We can identify and extract information specific to each document into a common form so that you can Identify, Retrieve, Sort and Analyze the documents on following fields:

  • Document Date
  • Author(s)
  • Recipient(s)
  • Document Type
  • Title
  • Box number
  • Source

Subjective Coding:
We also perform more comprehensive Subjective Coding in addition to the Objective Coding:

  • Keywords and relevant data from the document text
  • Flexible and specific to individual requirements
  • Seek key information, analysis and makes a short summary of the document
  • Narrow down the document search

Inventory Indexing:
An inventory index allows you to focus your attention on a small number of frequently accessed files and documents.

Bibliographic Indexing:
This type of database is typically used in conjunction with document imaging.

Detailed Indexing:
This is a detailed index for the 5-10% of your collection that is most important for your case. A typical document entry includes:

  • Bibliographic fields
  • Detailed outline of issues
  • Subjective priority rating
  • Plain English summary

We generally leave it to the attorney as to which technique is used to perform these services depending on variables:

  • Budget
  • Eventual re-usability of the source material
  • Time constraints
  • Media used to publish the material
  • File sizes and transferrable issues
  • Other individual preferences

Our Standard Process

Contact us at info@leges-octavian.com to discuss your requirements.