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Contract Drafting and Management

An Overview:


A well drafted contract should be weighed against its practicality. Leges Octavian meticulously drafts and reviews business contracts and at the same time provides deviations/amendments to proposed contracts.

Leges-Octavian team is familiar with various jurisdictions and have access to an extensive database of forms. Our team ensures consistency in terms of content and form, yet offers customization to deliver the best contracts to our clients at a competitive price.

  • Contract Drafting:Our extensive database of Forms/Precedents are tailored to meet the client requirements.
  • Contract Review & Analysis:Contract review is a thinking process and a rational analysis for the contract. Our process includes: clarifying of contract related facts, measure of the feasibility of contract, and forecast of contract risks.
  • Contract Summarization:Summarization of contracts is strictly marked to client-stipulated number of words or length. We review and summarize relevant contracts into short common language section by section, produce an executive summary and indicate key assumptions, concerns, issues, dates, amounts, etc.
  • Due Diligence Services:
    When a company enters into new ventures/mergers, contractual relationships needs to get a thorough background check. Our Due Diligence team researches the pros and cons, background checks, and internal/external checks to ensure the venture is a safe and profitable investment. Leges Octavian provides a comprehensive report to clients who contemplate investments, strategic partnerships, mergers & acquisitions or are looking for enhancing organizational efficiencies. Our due diligence reports include, assessment, investigation, negotiation, discovery, and pre- trial/trial services.

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