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About Leges Octavian

Leges Octavian LLC has been founded by professionals with diverse background and experience with a vision to provide quality IPR and Paralegal Consulting Services and back office support to attorneys, law firms and corporations. We take pride in our IPR and Legal domain experience, and technology expertise. Since our inception, we continue to provide reliable and effective results through the delivery of critical business solutions for our clients in the US and abroad.

The IPR and Legal industry dynamics has changed across the globe by contracting back office support services. It is considered crucial for gaining efficiency and staying profitable by majority of US and European Attorneys, Law Firms and Corporations.

Today, the management of the IPR and Legal process is considered as an integral part of a firm’s core competencies that help in reducing their business cost and increase overall efficiency.

Leges Octavian stands committed to deliver high quality IPR and Legal solutions to serve our varied clients worldwide. LO is a global provider who brings to its clients end-to-end solutions encompassing high quality Intellectual Property, Paralegal and Immigration Services.

LO creates innovative solutions that allow’s our clients to better manage critical information, control costs, and improve performance and efficiency through partnering with us.

Our knowledge of various industries and expertise in IPR and Paralegal Services has helped us contribute to making our client businesses more competitive, streamlined and profitable. There are no boundaries to our rich industry expertise and the range of IPR and Legal solutions that we deliver to our clients. Our domain expertise spans a variety of industries, including but not limited to, Oil and Gas, Alternative Energy, Mechanical, Semiconductors, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverages, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance and Telecommunications.

With offices across the United States, Europe and Asia, Leges Octavian is well placed to support attorneys and corporate clients.